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A world in your hands


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WorldCrafter is a multiplayer sandbox in which you'll be able to create and destroy practically any of the world's features. In order to survive, you'll need to collect resources, craft different tools, build structures, and fight your enemies.

The gameplay is very similar to Minecraft, since you'll have to chop at different materials to acquire resources hidden in the world's blocks. What makes it different than Minecraft is that in WorldCrafter you won't see any ridged blocks, but, instead, the world will be made up of smoother pixels.

WorldCrafter gives you the freedom to climb mountains and build your towers and buildings on top of the world, if you want. You can also carve out tunnels and dig holes that are hundreds of feet deep! Basically, the world is at your disposal.

WorldCrafter is an intriguing sandbox in which you'll have the freedom to do whatever comes to mind. You can also fight off enemies in the simple combat system and build pretty much anything you can come up with.
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